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The University Press Redux: Balancing traditional university values with a culture of digital innovation

This week the first UK conference on the state and future of university presses has taken place, hosted at Liverpool University. Anthony Cond, Director of Liverpool University Press , shares his thoughts on the revival of the university press. This post was first published on the LSE Impact blog and the original can be viewed here.

Anthony Cond Liverpool University Press

Anthony Cond Liverpool University Press

As all good literary and film scholars will tell you the term ‘redux’ has multiple and subtly different meanings.

For some it connotes a new interpretation of an existing work, more literally the word means ‘brought back, restored.’

Both are accurate descriptions of what is happening to the university press in the UK: it is no accident that this week will see a conference called The University Press Redux.

The university press enjoys a peculiar position: a publishing island atop a sea of academia, its insecurities are a mirror to the budgetary, utility and reputational concerns of the subjects and institution it serves.

Touch point

Presses report to senior university managers, librarians or university or quasi-university committees; their editorial boards are drawn from faculty, yet more faculty are engaged as series editors, authors and reviewers, and more still in the inevitable exchange of ideas that happens when an academic department and a scholarly publisher active in its discipline are in close proximity.

Book and libraryThe university press is a touch point — above and beyond the author/purchaser/reader relationship with commercial publishers — between the academy’s hopes and fears and the realities of the scholarly communication system. Continue reading ‘The University Press Redux: Balancing traditional university values with a culture of digital innovation’

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