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Publishing today: The Challenge of Sustainability

Hugh Atkinson and Ros Wade’s new book The Challenge of Sustainability: Linking politics, education and learning publishes today. It explores the links between politics, learning and sustainability and how best to embed a commitment to sustainability in all learning.  Last month Hugh and Ros shared some of their thoughts in a guest blog post, reblogged today in celebration of the publication of their book:

The challenge of sustainability [FC]“The world is facing  fundamental social and environmental challenges over the next 50 years. Climate change, global poverty and continuing war and conflict, all of which are set against a backdrop of highly consuming lifestyles, the rapacious tide of neo liberalism and a growing population that is predicted to reach 9 billion by the turn of the century. The resources of the planet are being eaten up at an alarming and unsustainable rate.  Yet governments have been extremely slow in addressing these issues.

One of the obstacles to change has been a reluctance or an inability to integrate social and environmental concerns in to policy making and practice. The concept of sustainable development which came to global prominence after the UN Rio Summit of 1992 was devised as a new way of linking these concerns. Indeed it has provided a new vocabulary of political change. Sustainable development has been at the centre of mainstream policy making over the last 10 years, though its meaning and application have at times been contested.

Yet politicians, concerned about winning elections, appear reluctant to promote awareness raising of the major global and local challenges among the general public in any meaningful way…” …read more of their guest blog post here: Climate change: The rallying call for political bravery, increased democracy and ‘sustain-ablity’-as-standard in education

Copies of the book can be purchased at a 20% discounted price from Policy Press website here.

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