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Celebrating how it feels to submit the finished manuscript…

Author Caroline Lodge and her writing team are busily preparing for the publication of their forthcoming book The new age of ageing: how society needs to change.

In a series of posts charting this critical leg of the publishing journey Caroline explains how it feels to reach the submission milestone and reveals just how three authors work together on one book…

Marianne, Eileen and Caroline meeting at Kings Place in 2014

Marianne, Eileen and Caroline meeting at Kings Place in 2014

This post celebrates an important moment. Yesterday we sent the finished manuscript of our book to the publisher.

It’s not the end of the process of course: we still have all the business of queries, proofs and other prepublication things to get through. And there will be some marketing activities.

But the manuscript is as ready as we could get it. The New Age of Ageing: how society needs to change will be published in September by Policy Press.

It was written by three people: Caroline Lodge, Eileen Carnell and Marianne Coleman. Most things are better together and writing a book is one of those.

The three of us

Writing a book is intense even before adding the dimension of three authors. Eileen and Caroline have written together for some time, books and articles for teachers, books and articles on retiring. We have familiarity with our ways of working and those things that really matter to us. Continue reading ‘Celebrating how it feels to submit the finished manuscript…’

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