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Policy Press March ‘editorial picks’: Environment and Sustainability

Continuing in our new series of monthly ‘editor picks’ Assistant Editor Laura Vickers tells us a bit about her background, what she’s most excited by in upcoming Environment and Sustainability titles and how the true measure of success in any future colonisation of Mars would be having access to ingredients to make the Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries…

Policy Press - 015Name: Laura Vickers

Title: Assistant Editor

What’s your background story?

I started at Policy Press straight out of University after completing my undergraduate degree in Sociology at Birmingham City University and then moving back home to Bristol. After a short period of work experience over the summer at the Press I then took up the position of Publishing Assistant. I’ve had several different roles at Policy Press over the past five years and became Assistant Editor in 2013 and subject editor for Environment and Sustainability in 2014.

What does your role entail and what do you enjoy most about it?

I have overall responsibility for the peer-review system and am subject editor for the Environment and Sustainability list. I also support our Senior Commissioning Editor and Director with their commissioning activities across a range of subject areas and our trade list. I enjoy the contact I have with our authors and editors which is mainly via email but putting faces to names when I attend national conferences is always a pleasure.

What most excites you about Environment and Sustainability?

The issues covered across our Environment and Sustainability titles affect all of us both now and also in the future. The debates around whether climate change is happening are over and we are now faced with the essential ‘what do we do about it?’ questions. Our titles provoke debate around this question and I hope they make a difference to those debates.

What key things are happening in Environment and Sustainability at Policy Press this year?

In 2015 Bristol is the European Green Capital so there are a lot of exciting events taking place at the University and across Bristol to celebrate. The annual Policy and Politics Lecture on Tuesday is being given by Lord Anthony Giddens entitled ‘The Politics of Climate Change’ and there are many more events and talks taking place over the next year related to the theme of the environment linking in with Bristol 2015.

We continue to publish some great titles in the fields of the Environment and Sustainability. Towards the end of last year we published ‘Sustainable London?’ edited by Rob Imrie and Loretta Lees as well as ‘The Challenge of Sustainability’ edited by Hugh Atkinson and Ros Wade and of course shortly before those we also released Joel Magnusson’s great book ‘The approaching great transformation: Toward a liveable post carbon economy’ where Magnusson looks at life after the end of oil and other fossil fuels highlighting many warnings for the planet but also offering us some hope.

What reading book is currently on your bedside table?

Brick Lane by Monica Ali (I have to admit that it has been there for quite a while though).

Victoria Pittman led the editorial picks in February – what would you say is her secret superpower/thing she is most awesome at doing?

Well, in our first (and now annual) Christmas baking challenge in 2013, Victoria wowed us all with her delicious mince pies winning first prize, so I think she’s pretty awesome at making those and it’s a shame we now have to wait another 9 months before we can taste them again.

Victoria’s question for you is: If the earth was about to be destroyed and you could only take one book with you to another planet, which one would you take?

The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries! I’m hoping that if this was to happen we would have colonised Mars and there would be some kind of supermarket open so that I could make some onion bhajis rather than just fantasise about them.

What question would you want us to ask our next editorial interviewee?

Who will win the Rugby World Cup later this year?


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March editorial: Inspirational women, men and social workers, of course!

RM-14-webDaffodils and crocuses are peeking through all over the place, the evenings are getting lighter and brighter and there’s a definite sense of spring in the air. 

Women of Power

Women of Power – publishes in paperback this month

Along with the freshening spring air, March brings with it International Women’s Day, which this year is celebrated on Sunday 8th March.

The 2015 theme is #MakeItHappen and we asked author Torild Skard to blog her views on what sort of environment is necessary for women to actually #MakeItHappen politically. As the adage goes, the personal is political, so we’ve also been chatting in the (predominantly female…) office about the women who have inspired us in our lives. We’ll be sharing some of those stories with you as part of #InternationalWomensDay.

The natural environment is increasingly political these days. We’re therefore thrilled to be welcoming eminent sociologist Lord Anthony Giddens to the Policy and Politics Annual Lecture, who will be talking to us about The Politics of Climate Change in 2015. The event is taking place on Tuesday 17th March at the Wills Memorial Building in Bristol.

"Anthony Giddens at the Progressive Governance Converence, Budapest, Hungary, 2004 October" by Szusi

Anthony Giddens, Budapest, Hungary, 2004 October” by Szusi

Although the event is now fully booked, don’t worry if you haven’t managed to secure yourself a ticket, you can still get involved and #askgiddens a question during the lecture via our live twitter feed @policy_politics. If you are attending though, do come and have a chat to us on the stand at the back of the hall before or after the lecture – it’s always lovely to meet you in person!

Tuesday 17th March is set to be a busy day all round for us at PP as it is also World Social Work day (WSWD). We believe in the importance and necessity of the work done by social workers and this is a core subject area for us. Later this month we’ll be asking you to vote for your favourite social work title and in the process you can enter a prize draw to win a Policy Press social work title of your choice! Watch this space and social media for more information…

Credit: Tony Hammond

Credit: Tony Hammond

And I haven’t even mentioned that it’s also St Patrick’s day….

Let me leave you with a glorious trumpet of sunshine as we merrily March our way into the month.

Warming spring wishes to you all


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