Policy Press Social Atlases on the Exact Editions platform

Exact Editions is a new platform for digital reading which is particularly suitable for researchers and teachers because:

  • all the content is delivered exactly as it is in print;
  • each print page is also a web page and is therefore easily cited;
  • the collection can be easily searched as a group of books;
  • the licensing is for the whole institution and allows for unlimited reading by simultaneous users;
  • licences are available for individuals or institutions

Policy Press is delighted to announce that it has licensed its seven Social Atlases as a collection through the Exact Editions platform:

All the content has been exactly replicated, page by page, on the digital platform. So, the layout, the illustrations, the exact text, the pagination, the typographic format and even the front covers are found in the digital books, making them indistinguishable from the printed version:


A double page spread from People and Places

In addition, every page on the digital platform has its own url (as does every double-page spread), so the book can be easily cited or linked to, students can provide links as references in their assignments and lecture notes can be given as click-through links. Pages can be easily shared through social media and readers can be confident that they are seeing exactly what would be seen in the print book. As every page is a distinct digital object with its own url it is easy for other apps to target the content.


Tweeting a diagram on country of origin from People and Places

All the books in the collection can be searched, as a group or individually. This enables readers to compare a topic with the way it is treated in other sources. The searching function is similar to, and as easy to use as, the Google search routines. Boolean search functions are also supported.


Searching the Policy Press Atlases collection for ‘median income’ 20+ results

The Policy Press Social Atlases collection can be licensed annually on a subscription basis for individuals or institutions. The individual license allows for use on the web and through the free Exactly app (available for iOS and Android devices) downloaded to tablets or phones. Institutional licenses are priced on a campus-wide basis and allow unlimited and simultaneous use by all members of the institution. Libraries are provided with remote access, user statistics and comprehensive online support.


For further information

Institutional subscriptions https://institutions.exacteditions.com/policy-press-atlases or arrange a 30 day trial from institutions@exacteditions.com

For individual subscriptions https://shop.exacteditions.com/policy-press-atlases

Annual subscriptions available with 30 day money-back-guarantee.

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