16 ways we can make America a better place

Author and academic Salvatore Babones believes passionately in the possibility of a better America. So passionately in fact he can list 16 policy changes that if the next President of the USA adopted, he’s confident that America would be a better and happier place…

Salvatore Babones

Salvatore Babones

As the 2016 election season moves on from the party primaries to the main event, one thing is clear: no one is really satisfied.

Sanders supporters resent Hillary Clinton almost as much as most Republicans loathe Donald Trump. In marked contrast to Bernie Sanders, both Clinton and Trump have disapproval ratings over 50 percent. The electorate is in a bloody mood, with more people likely to vote against their more detested candidate than to vote for someone they actually want to be president.

Why was Bernie Sanders, an uncharismatic Washington insider who has been a member of Congress for more than a quarter century, the only candidate in the pack to escape the opprobrium of the American people? Sanders had no campaign money, no image-makers, and no ‘super-delegates’. What he had was a policy agenda — a progressive agenda for a better America.

Published just days before Bernie Sanders declared his candidacy for the White House, my book Sixteen for ’16: A Progressive Agenda for a Better America laid out an agenda that would be startlingly familiar to Sanders supporters.

In a nutshell, the book details a platform for more jobs, better infrastructure, public education, universal healthcare, higher taxes on higher incomes, a more secure Social Security, an end to rule from Wall Street, strong unions, a living minimum wage, paid sick days, fewer prisons, secure reproductive rights, secure voting rights, a more moral foreign policy, support for refugees, and action to stop global warming.

This short video lays out the Sixteen for ’16 agenda point by 16 points. For those who buy the book itself, 267 footnotes provide links to all the studies that (taken together) make it very clear that a progressive America would be a better America. I challenge every American to look in the mirror and ask: if we really implemented all 16 policies advocated in Sixteen for ’16, would America be a better place? If the answer is ‘yes’ (and I believe it is), let’s get over politics and get started implementing.


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