Celebrating #ISTR2016: Four FREE articles on this year’s conference theme ‘Third sector in transition’

waterviewn-photoThe International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR)’s 12th International Conference is now well under way at Ersta Sköndal University College, Stockholm, Sweden.

We’ve been rather inspired by this years’ theme – ‘The Third Sector in Transition: Accountability, Transparency, and Social Inclusion’ –  to make a handful of articles free* on the same subject and share them with you.

And here indeed they are….Happy ISTR conference and happy reading!

1) The rise and fall of Australia’s first independent regulator for the not-for- profit sector: a missed opportunity for philanthropy (Vol 5.3, November 2014) by Elizabeth Cham

Exploring the fundamental question: is philanthropic money solely private money? – this paper examines the structure created by Australia’s first independent regulator for charities and not-for-profit organisations, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

2) Valuing the social? The nature and controversies of measuring social return on investment (SROI) (Vol 4.1, March 2013) by Malin Arvidson, Fergus Lyon, Stephen McKay and Domenico Moro

The concept of ‘social return on investment’ (SROI) has come to play an important role in debates about how social enterprises and charities conceptualise, measure and communicate their achievements.

This paper analyses the nature and role of SROI as used in the United Kingdom for impact assessment of such organisations. Key issues explored include the quantification of benefits, the valuing of volunteering and the ways in which judgement and discretion are exercised.

3) Foundations: accountability and legitimacy (Vol 4.3, November 2013) by Anthony Tomei

Many charitable foundations seek to influence social change. As independent endowed bodies with their own funds, foundations are, on the face of it, not accountable so there are questions about the legitimacy of their actions.

This article draws on contemporary examples and practitioner experience to discuss accountability and legitimacy in the context of foundations that want to influence social change need to work with others.

4) Towards community engagement in the governance of non-profit organisations (Vol 6.1, March 2015) by by Gina Rossi, Chiara Leardini, Sara Moggi and Bettina Campedelli

Nowadays, non-profit organisations (NPOs) face growing pressure to involve the community in their governing boards. Nevertheless, few empirical studies have been conducted on how they self-regulate community engagement in their governance.

Providing new insights into community engagement in non-profit governance, this article considers the case of Italian bank foundations (IBFs) in which community representation on the board is required by law, and self-regulation plays a pivotal role in defining mechanisms of engagement.

Just remember to access the articles before midnight on Sunday 3rd July!  #ISTR2016

For more information on the 12th ISTR conference currently taking place in Stockholm check out their website here and the blog here.

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