5 free articles all about mum #MothersDay

Springtime flowers Credit: Pixabay

Springtime flowers Credit: Pixabay

Mother’s Day is one of those beautiful first signs of spring and the one day in the year when the focus is supposed to be on mum.

Over at Policy Press however, we’re thinking about mum all year round and in our journal Families, Relationships and Societies we’re writing about her too.

We’ve picked a posy of five fabulous articles looking at how mothers navigate work and mothering, their aspirations for their children’s happiness, the mother daughter relationship in terms of sexuality and fashion and what buying second hand goods for children says about mum….

So, here’s some Happy Mother’s Day reading – whether you’re a mum or not, put your feet up with a nice cuppa and delve into some seriously scholarly thought all about mum….

1 ) Working and mothering: interlocking locations in the caringscape – explores the complex inequality experienced at the intersection of motherhood with paid work in Ireland by revealing the ways in which women navigate working and caring across times and spaces

2) Mothers, daughters and sex: the negotiation of young women’s sexuality in Britain and Hong Kong – based on comparative qualitative research in Britain and Hong Kong, exploring how the sexuality of young women is managed and negotiated within families, particularly between mothers and daughters.


Lessons in fashion consumption…Credit: OH Baby

3) The possibilities of happiness: Australian mothers’ aspirations for their children in neoliberal times – explores how 26 Australian mothers, half of whom had a child with an eating disorder, spoke about happiness in regards to their aspirations for their children.

4) Like mother, like daughter: lessons in fashion consumption, taste and class – a discussion of fashion and consumption practices, in which mothers are seen to play a significant role in terms of children’s ‘consumption-related skills, knowledge and attitudes’ and mothers are generally considered ‘accountable for the clothes their children wear’.

5) Second-hand consumption among middle-class mothers in the UK: thrift, distinction and risk –  focuses on the second hand spending habits of the ‘squeezed middle class’ and based on interviews with thirty mothers. While participants consented with the existing literature by primarily citing financial motivations, the way in which they discussed their consumption discussions and justified second-hand practices said much of their identities as mothers.

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