9 FREE journal articles for #CarersWeek

8-14th June 2015 is Carer’s Week in the UK. This annual campaign aims to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK. You can read more about Carer’s Week at http://www.carersweek.org/.

To show our support for this campaign we are making a collection of our journal articles free for the week.

User involvement in designing a survey of people directly employing care and support workers (Dixon et al, 2013)

Carers’ perspectives on choosing a care home for a relative with dementia (Katz et al, 2013)

Fragmentation and competition: voluntary organisations’ experiences of support for family carers (Moriarty and Manthorpe, 2014)

Emerging from out of the shadows? Service user and carer involvement in systematic reviews (Braye and Preston-Shoot, 2005)

Involving families and carers in drug services: are families ‘part of the problem’? (Orr et al, 2014)

Australian foster carers’ negotiations of intimacy with agency workers, birth families and children (Riggs, 2015)

The role of formal and informal networks in supporting older people’s care during extreme weather events (Wistow et al, 2015)

“How do I tell my children about what my mum’s like?” Conflict and dilemma in experiences of adult family members caring for a problem-drinking parent (Hodges and Copello, 2015)

Assessment of informal carers: what implications will the new Strategy for Carers have? (Mackenzie and Greenwood, 2008)

If you’re researching caring, you might also be interested in the following books:

Supporting people with alcohol and drug problems rgb

Children caring for parents with HIV and AIDS[FC]

Combining paid work and family care [FC]

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