April Editorial: The election edition….

RM-14-webWherever you turn at the moment there’s an endless stream of chatter about the upcoming UK General Election. Somewhat unapologetically, there’s no escape on the Policy Press blog this month either. However, I am thrilled to say we’ve got a fantastic line up of content on the subject for you.

KatieWe’ve been taking part in the #BitetheBallot campaign for the past couple of months, encouraging people – especially young people – to register to vote as the first vital step in the process. Understanding how young people feel about voting (and why they don’t vote) is important and we’ve got a great, personal piece from our intern Katie Lucas for you.

What Katie’s post shows as much as anything is that if we really care about voter/youth voter engagement we need, at the very least, more positive media coverage and greater opportunities for more social and informal ways in which people can engage with politics as a subject. Perhaps now is the time to remove politics from the list of things you shouldn’t talk about over dinner….

We’ve also got some great posts from our authors laying out the key issues are in campaign topics such as education and transport. We want to use the blog to really help people crack open and understand the topics the politicians are talking about and these posts are a starting point for that. We’d love any feedback from you, as ever, on them and how useful you’ve found them.

Sixteen for 16 [FC]

Sixteen for ’16 – in the warm up for the US Presidential elections

Austerity bites [FC] border

Austerity Bites – out now in paperback

We’ve got some key titles publishing this month including Mary O’Hara’s Austerity Bites out in paperback and, as things are already warming up on the US Presidential election campaign trail, you may be interested to read Salvatore Babones’ Sixteen for ’16 which offers a new agenda for the 2016 US election crafted around sixteen core principles from securing jobs to saving the Earth.

We’re also running our own social media campaign ‘I’m voting because…’ in which staff, authors and, well anyone who would like to in fact, share their reasons for
voting via a photograph.

RuthYou can see the campaign developing by following any of these hashtags on our twitter account: #imvotingbecause #whyvote #GE2015. Do get involved if you feel you want to either by tweeting us your photo to @PolicyPress or emailing it to us here!

There’s lots going on (as ever) this month at Policy Press in addition to the election including the London book fair #lbf15 and a flurry of spring conferences – Onwards!


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