With love, from Policy Press…6 scholarly insights on love, marriage and commitment


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Well Valentine’s day is only hours away. It’s possible, as a Policy Press blog reader, that all the hearts and roses commercial nonsense is more turn off than turn on for you. Never fear, we have the perfect antidote for the more cerebrally romantic amongst you…

…half a dozen beautifully researched journal pieces hand plucked from the garden of scholarly delights that is our Families, Relationships and Societies journal (FRS) for your delectation. Dive in!


1) What’s love got to do with marriage? by Khatidja Chantler – FRS 3.1

2) Authenticity, work and change: a qualitative study on couple intimacy by Luana Cunha Ferreira; Isabel Narciso and Rosa Novo – FRS 2.3

3) The making of selfhood: naming decisions on marriage by Rachel Thwaites – FRS 2.3

4) The globalisation of love? Examining narratives of intimacy and marriage among middle-class Gujarati Indians in the UK and India by Katherine Twamley – FRS 2.2

5) What is commitment? Women’s accounts of intimate attachment by Julia Carter – FRS 1.2

6) Living together in a sexually exclusive relationship: an enduring, pervasive ideal? by Richard Lampard – FRS FT

with lots of love

Policy Press


FRS 2013 [FC]P.S. If we’ve piqued your interest in our journal Families, Relationships and Societies then don’t be shy, go on over to the journals page on our website and get to know each other even better….

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